Best farming practices – Sustainability

The Eight Features of Nutrilites Sustainable Farming Systems:

  1. Considering the farm as an organism – including the interaction and diversity of the people, animals, plants and elements of the earth working together in perfect balance.
  2. The integration and diversity of the plants that are cultivated, and the people and animals living on the farm.
  3. The preservation of habitats – natural ecological areas within the farm boundaries to sustain the diversity of both native plant and animal species.
  4. Wide based soil nutrition – protecting the soil as a living organism, with the goal of maintaining 45 to 50 elements in the soil by feeding the soil natural materials.
  5. No contamination allowed – creating a healthy and thriving base so that the need for curative measures is limited.
  6. Preservation and cultivation of a wide variety of seeds.
  7. Traceability of every action performed on each piece of land, so that we may truly work as one with nature and respect the farm as a living organism.
  8. Social life – ensuring that the farm is a viable operation that will provide economic security and sustainability for the families who depend on it.



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