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Importance Of Getting Commercial Cleaning Help Around the Farm

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Hello everyone, my name is John Campbell and today I’ll be discussing my experience using a hired cleaning company, specifically Cleaner Canada. First off, I’d like to introduce myself a little; I am a 56 year old Ayrshire Cattle farmer and my farming company has been passed down from my grandfather to my father and now to me. I have 26 acres of land and hundreds of cattle. So, you can imagine how much work I have to do every day. Too much work for an old guy like myself. Anyhow, I sought out to hire a cleaning company due to a situation that occurred – my cows caught a nasty virus that caused a lot of chaos on the farm for a week or so. The virus attacked their digestive system, and although the symptoms were mild, it wreaked a lot of havoc, one that I could not take care of myself.

Also, because the farm was located on the outskirts of Edmonton, I needed a company that was willing to travel the long distance with their heavy machinery.  Thankfully, Cleaner Canada was a reliable commercial company that had great reviews and experience dealing with farms! I was ecstatic, and the quote for my land wasn’t too expensive surprisingly. They sounded too good to be true!

They came the day after I called and got to work immediately with about twenty people. It took them about 32 hours to return the farm back to normal. They did an amazing job and and they were very meticulous with their work – there wasn’t a spot that they didn’t clean. I was really impressed with Cleaner Canada and would definitely recommend them in the future. If you’re in need of a commercial cleaning company in the Edmonton area, do call Cleaner Canada for a quote today!

Dont Forget to visit www.cleanercanada.ca to get them into your farm or business today!